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My name is Seden Odabas and I’m a chess player, organizer and professional Chess instructor in Chicago IL.  I give chess lessons in Chicago area for groups and individual students. Classes can be held at students’ homes or quiet public locations around town where it’s easy to conduct a class. If you are a school teacher or an after-school center owner and you are interested in after school chess lessons, I’d be happy to come to you to show your kids how much fun this game can be!

Chess Buddies provides after school chess sessions for kids of all ages.

 We are a rapidly growing, dynamic team of chess enthusiasts who love working with kids and seeing them grow in their chess skills. We have after school programs for every size and skill level.

As the founder and lead instructor of Chess Buddies, I have experience teaching chess to kids and would be happy to share references and testimonials upon request.

 Many studies show that there is a vital link between playing chess and improvements in educational performance. As you can imagine, the benefits of playing chess is huge.

 Our team is on a mission to make chess learning and chess playing a fun experience for kids!


Chess is being played by millions of people around the world, who find a lot of entertainment and intellectual stimulation in the game. Chess is fun, and it makes you smarter. It is a learning tool for kids, which teaches them skills in a way they can’t get from anywhere else. Numerous studies have shown that kids who learn to play chess improve their critical reading skills and math scores. Chess teaches them logic and reasoning, improves memorization, helps to develop creativity and critical thinking. Personal skills such as patience and concentration are developed in the process of playing chess. Kids who play chess learn social skills as respect to their opponent and sportsmanship- each game starts and ends with a handshake, and a sincere “thanks you for the game” in the end is exchanged between the Chess players. It’s a great experience for all people who play it and you are invited to join them.

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Chess is the gymnasium of the mind.

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