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Chess Buddies offers a learning experience that sets the standard for excellence in chess instruction.

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Our mission is to teach students to solve problems energetically and enjoy both challenges as we as rewards. We believe chess is a really fun game and the real fun will only begin when you truly understand the game and you started to loving it.

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Group Chess Lessons

At Chess Buddies whether you’re looking for a fun and beneficial activity to partake in, or have a budding chess master, we’re committed to providing an engaging and supportive learning environment.

Private Chess Lessons

Private chess classes as well as Adult Group chess classes are available. Private instructors available for all levels of students interested in learning chess.

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It is our sincere belief that chess is a powerful tool for helping students overcome challenges in life. Beyond academic benefits, chess provides a tactical mindset that leads to improved motivation, character qualities, cooperative skills, leadership abilities and overall well being.

What We Do

The program of classes is a comprehensive course, aimed at the improvement of student’s logical universal understanding of the game as a whole. The study & play program is adjusted to the level of a student or group.

Beginners learn the rules of the Chess game, and once they are proficient with the basics, we move on to studying more advanced material, discussing strategy and tactics of the game. A set of illustrative positions is given to students to be trained over the board in a practical game situation. The most advanced students, active in competitive play, learn to build their own opening repertoire.

All of the material presented at classes is given to the students in a printed version, so they can return to the study examples on their own. 

“Every chess master was once a beginner.”

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